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+91 8123817397

Ready to begin your Chess journey?

Mind Chess Academy Helps You Discover Your Inner Chess Champion With Our Fascinating Online Chess Courses, All From the Comfort of Your Home! Improve Your Performance Through Our Interactive Sessions and Master the Game of Tactics, Skills and Analysis

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The Mind Chess Academy is Dedicated to Help People Learn About the Greatest Game of All Time – the Game of Chess. It Does Not Matter Where You Are From, How Old Are You and How Well You Play Chess: Our Comprehensive Curriculum is Designed to Elevate Your Game to New Heights.

We Provide Comprehensive Learning Programs Developed by Our Academy, Starting From Beginners to Advanced Level for All Ages Across the World. We Made Up of a Team of Highly Qualified Fide-rated Chess Instructors, and Our Main Goal is to Help Chess Enthusiasts Achieve Fide Ratings and Become Champions.

Why Mind Chess?

  • FIDE (International) Rated Coaches

  • 8+ Years of Experience

  • Affordable Online Coaching

  • Our Own Best Live Learning Platform

  • Maximum 4-6 Students Per Group

  • One to One Coaching Available

  • Curated Courses Designed by GM'S

  • Weekly & Monthly Practice Tournaments

  • Monthly Feedback to Parents

500 +

Trained Students

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FIDE Rated

35000 +

Classes Conducted

Our Training Programs

Affordable Online Coaching
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Beginners online chess training program is for those who are new to the game of chess. In the beginners program the chess lessons are designed to get you started with the game. It’s never too late to start playing chess game.

In the Beginner Program You Will Learn:

  • Introducing the game and learning the chessboard
  • Fundamentals of Chess
  • Online interactive session with In-depth Analysis
  • Get online homework between training sessions to make sure you work on your own.
  • Online Practice sessions which are observed by the instructors online and help students analyse games.
  • Improving in all areas of the game and progressing to Intermediate and Advanced level.

Intermediate program will take you a level further from the beginners program to intermediate level. The objective of this course is to give you a genuine lift in your chess understanding in all the phases of the game.

In the Intermediate Program You Will Learn:

  • Understanding of chess tactics
  • Learning chess openings, Middle game and Endgames
  • In-depth Analysis of the online interactive session
  • Get online homework between training sessions to make sure you work on your own.
  • Online Practice sessions which are observed by the instructors online and help students analyse games.
  • Improving your tactics and strategies and progressing to the Advanced level.
  • Positional chess tests.

This course is specially designed to advanced players or experienced chess players ready to take on the world of high-level tournament chess – and succeed! Key features of the advanced chess program is that you will figure out how to play any position on the chess board I.E. Understanding the essence of every major opening and their typical middle games.

In the Advanced Program You Will Learn:

  • Advanced chess tactics, openings, and endgames
  • Positional play and strategy in the middle game
  • Tactical exercises (combinations)
  • Positional exercises (strategic problems)
  • Online practice sessions to analyse games
  • A thorough analysis of student’s tournament games
  • Working on student’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Analysing and Discussing World Champions’ and immortal games

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Tanvishree Kurella

Really great place for online Chess training. After enrolling my daughter in this Academy, she started loving chess and her game improved a lot. Started participating in tournaments now.

Pragjna U

Being an Engineering Student I was hesitated to join any Chess academy at this age but after I joined here I felt my decision was 100% correct.

Mokshith B

They trained my son for FIDE rated tournaments and within 6 months he got his first ever FIDE rating at the age of 6.5 years. We really thankful to the Coaches here.


I have joined here for advanced online Chess coaching, really liked the curated courses, their regular homework, and open/honest feedback really helped me to improve my game and rating as well.


Great Coaching by Sarang sir, he knows how to handle kids and drag their attention to the class. He always shows great chess games from history and motivates the kids.


My daugher Dwiti really likes the Coach Meghna madam's classes, especially the puzzle race with leaderboard in their application.

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